03 August 2011

Vitkov, Czech Republic (Photos Included)

Over the past two weeks, as mentioned in my previous post, I was able to experience the Czech Republic.  Other than a couple of layovers, this was my first opportunity to visit Europe for any length of time.  My main purpose for going to the Czech Republic was to teach in an English camp that a Czech Baptist Church sponsors every year.  In spite of this being a sort of "working vacation" that tended to be quite busy, my group took in several sites throughout the country.

The English camp itself took place near the village of Vitkov in a smaller village called Vitkov-Podhradi.  The camp took place in a complex that serves as a boarding school during the academic year.  This being summer (although the cool and wet weather indicated otherwise), school was not in session.  Here is a view of the small village from the main academic building of the school. 

The small village of Vitkov-Podhradi had very little business, other than a small hotel and a pub, so the location was fairly remote.

Nearly every village or town or village in the Czech Republic has a fairly large church that goes back to a time before the Communist era in which the majority of Czechs identified with the Roman Catholic Church.  Here is an example from the small town of Vitkov proper.

Most towns also have a town square that serves as a sort of market, Vitkov is no different:

In the coming days, I will post additional images and comments related to my trip in the Czech Republic.  While these are related to American church history, they nonetheless have some relation to church history because of the many churches and chapels.

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