14 April 2013

New Church History Resource from Baylor

I know that some who might read this blog from time to time might be interested in a new resource collection that Baylor University is about to publish. An individual from the publisher contacted me with the information.

This three-volume series is titled the Baylor American Church History Collection. It includes the following titles that focus upon 18th and 19th century American religious history:

  Preaching Politics: The Religions Rhetoric of George Whitefield and the Founding of a New Nation, by Jerome Dean Mahaffey
  Revivalism and Separatism in New England, 1740–1800: Strict Congregationalists and Separate Baptists in the Great Awakening, by C. C. Goen
 Shenandoah Religion: Outsiders and the Mainstream, 1716–1865, by Stephen L. Longenecker

The main site to purchase the series is available at the Logos Bible Software link here. For a limited time, the set can be purchased for a fairly large discount. I do want to note that I have neither read these, nor will I get any type of commission from any sales. I'm merely passing on a few titles that some might find of interest.