19 August 2011

So Long to Summer, or, What I Did for My Summer Vacation

It is about that time of year at which most children groan and which most parents cheer with unrestrained joy.  The first day of school has already occurred or is about to occur.  I have had bittersweet feelings about this time of year for the last few years.  As I started back at my job as a teacher, I was usually excited to start the new year.  Last year, I was excited to be a full-time student for the first time since 1997 (even though I have some part-time side gigs to support myself in addition to my work as a GTA).  This fall, I may actually get to slow down a bit after a whirlwind of a summer.  Alas, it's back to school for me next week.

While I look back at the summer and wonder where it's gone, I did accomplish quite a bit, and hope to accomplish more by the time Tuesday morning rolls around.

As I wrote in a post earlier this summer about my summer gig, I've been doing some work for the Theodore Roosevelt Center's digital library.  I'm wrapping that up through this month.  It's been a pretty interesting learning experience.  I'll have a post up on their blog in a few days.

I also had the opportunity to teach English for a week with a group from my church.  That provided most of the photos that I've been posting in the last couple of weeks.

I started this blog the week before classes ended in May

From an academic standpoint, I've been able to accomplish a few things, although not nearly as much as I wanted.  I had hoped to get some extensive reading done toward my comprehensive exams that I plan to take in the Spring.  Well...that didn't exactly happen.  On a positive note, I had entries accepted on "American Exceptionalism" and "Fundamentalism" for an Encyclopedia on American Politics and Religion that should come out in 2013 if the Mayans are off on their calculations.  I also submitted a book review that I hope will come out shortly, for which I will provide a link as soon as it comes up.  Finally, I plan to revise my paper for the 2013 Northern Great Plains History Conference--hopefully before Tuesday.

And then...it's back to the grind of life as a doctoral student.

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