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The Socialist Party in Progressive Era Ohio County, West Virginia West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly (Fall 2010).

The Impact of the Mechanization of the Coal Industry on the Population and Economy of Twentieth Century West Virginia West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly (July 2008).

Book Reviews in Peer Reviewed Journals:

Baptist History and Heritage:
Baptists and Mission, edited by Ian M. Randall and Anthony R. Cross

American Theological Inquiry:
Jonathan Edwards and the Ministry of the Word, by Douglas A. Sweeney

Conference Papers:

2011 Northern Great Plains History Conference

2011 Red River Valley History Conference

Other Assorted Writings on History:

On the English Reformation (six different posts--this one links to the first, which has links to the others)

On Social Changes in Late Medieval England

On determining the worst president in American history

Who was the best president?

On British activities that led to the American Revolution

What is Calvinism? 

The 1832 Election and the Anti-Masonic Party