25 August 2011

Theodore Roosevelt and Catholicism

I've mentioned my summer gig working for the Theodore Roosevelt Center's online library that is getting set to launch in the relatively near future.  My main job was reading digital documents and then categorizing it according to subject matter.  Some of the documents related to my interest in American Christianity.

I've recently written about the Progressive and World War I eras, and one of the things that I find pretty interesting about that period is nativist sentiment.  Nativism is basically an anti-immigrant stance.  During much of US history, this anti-immigrant stance included anti-Catholicism.  Some people were quite vocal about their fear of a popish conspiracy to take over America.  He is a link to a blog post that I sent to the TRC's blog with information on how Theodore Roosevelt was a bit more congenial with Catholics than some people would have liked for him to be.  This is just a small example of some of the things that I have found.  I actually included the document from Addison Thomas in a paper that I'm scheduled to present in Mankato, MN next month.  I'll post the paper here after I read it.

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