07 August 2013

August Christian Blog Carnival

I have the privilege of posting the Christian Blog Carnival this month. The submissions come from a wide variety of bloggers and cover a number of different topics. I hope you enjoy this month's topics and the perspectives that they contain in the following general areas:


Harry Neufeld submitted an interesting post on why we need some help to truly get the full meaning of Biblical passages at his Participatory Bible Study Blog. He writes: We all depend on others, such as scholars, in our Bible study. How effective this is depends on when and how you do that.


Karen Vaughn's blog Karen's Devotions includes a post on the absence of a call for grief over sin in much of current evangelism.

Ridge Burns questions where God lives in his personal blog on the InFaith website. Reading Ezekiel 43:7 caused him to ponder this question, but New Testament passages inform his conclusion.

Silas Eke posts a sermon on his Sermon Notes blog about Zacchaeus and his conversion. He writes: Many no doubt, were converted to the faith of Christ of whom no account is kept in the Gospels; but the conversion of some, whose case had something in it extraordinary, is recorded, as this of Zacchaeus. The name Zacchaeus means pure or justified. He is the man who overcame obstacles.


Dean at the Working on the Mission blog looks at how he was blown away by God's creation. The cause of his wonder is a pretty cool picture of an Indonesian frog. A very brief post, but seriously just stop for a moment and in the middle of all our theological thinking, our critical critiques and our academic understandings let's just marvel at the majesty of God through His creation.

Jennifer Vaughn-Estrada writes a book review on her Chic of Domesticity blog. This post gives a quick review of Douglas Foster's The Story of the Churches of Christ. The book is intended for a lay audience that wants a brief overview of how the Church of Christ began.  

Thanks to those who submitted blogs from July. Until next month, when Practical Proverbs hosts, I hope you enjoyed this small sample of Christian blog posts.