11 July 2011

The Civil War and Baptists

I'm sure that among those who have an interest in American church history, there are many who are also interested in the American Civil War.  Special collections exist that are dedicated entirely to this conflict.  There are several accounts of a revival that broke out on both sides of the conflict.  A minister, J. William Jones, penned a well-known account of this revival in his work titled Christ in the Camp.  Jones tells of baptizing hundreds of new converts.  The Civil War saw foxhole religion at its finest.

Upon perusing the web a couple of days ago, I found a website that is dedicated to Baptist activity during the Civil War.  Baptists and the American Civil War is a site that includes documentary evidence that corresponds to each day of the war, beginning with a commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the firing on Fort Sumter.  Baptists and the American Civil War is a digital project conceived by Bruce Gourley of the Baptist History and Heritage Society, although it appears that the site has multiple contributors.   A new entry appears each day, so those with an interest in the Civil War will find much to occupy their time.  In addition to those with a general interest in Civil War history, those with curiosity geared toward Baptist history may find even more of interest. 

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