15 July 2011

Christian Blog Carnival and other Links

The Christian Blog Carnival for the week has been posted on Beyond Belief.  Several different posts on Christian-related topics are featured, including one from this blog. This carnival is a weekly edition that posts links submitted by various Christian bloggers.  Some are related to history, others to theology, and still others to apologetics.  Christian living and Christian finance are also posted on this site. 

While searching the web, I also found a site that lists several blogs by/about Baptists and their (many times) varying belief.  This site is somewhat interesting in that it actually color codes what viewpoint the authors come from. 

I will post yet another link.  This site lists the Top 50 Evangelical Christian blogs and posts them in different categories for easier classification.  While nothing is necessarily new or terribly thought-provoking in this post, perhaps the links will provide food for thought for students of Christianity and/or American church history.

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