13 July 2011

2011 Merrifield Prize Winning Paper

Back in April, I submitted a paper that I wrote in the fall semester on Baptists in Grand Forks during the Progressive and World War I eras.  The submissions had to make use of the Special Collections at the Chester Fritz Library on the campus of the University of North Dakota.  Mine utilized that collection extensively, so I decided to submit, in spite of finding out about the competition about two days before the deadline. 

Here is the press release regarding the outcome of the competition.  I would post the entire paper on my site, but I submitted it to a journal, and I don't know how the journal in question would view that kind of thing.  Here is a link to a revised portion of the paper that I previously posted on this site and that won the best graduate paper at the 2011 Red River Valley History Conference.  I will post another revision of another portion after I read it at the 2011 Northern Great Plains History Conference.

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