05 May 2011

Welcome to the American Church History Blog

Welcome to the American Church History Blog.  The purpose of this blog in the upcoming days and months will be to inform, question, review, and disseminate information related to American church history.  Christianity has had a very important impact on American history from the landing of the first Pilgrims in what would later be known as Massachusetts.  While the original founders of Massachusetts Bay intended religious liberty for themselves, this religious liberty has expanded to the point where all Americans have the constitutional right to practice their religious beliefs (or none at all) without fear from governmental reprisal, as long as said beliefs do not lead to actions that cause harm to others. 

According to an article in Christianity Today from March 2010 (http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2010/march/12.14.html), the most popular field of study for members of the American Historical Association was religious history (7.7% of respondents).  While this field includes religions other than Christianity, it is nonetheless an interesting stat.  The opinion that a particular historian takes regarding church history necessarily depends upon his or her view of the world.  A secular humanist writing about Christianity would most likely come at the subject quite differently than a theologically conservative Christian.  Even professing Christians can, at times, come to differing conclusions regarding the impact of Christianity on American society.  For this reason, it is important to analyze an author's argumentation critically. 

Hopefully, this site will provide a forum for the investigation of this rich history and the work in which scholars and laymen involve themselves in producing knowledge about the history of Christianity in America.  From time to time, I will most likely refer to sites or works with which I disagree at least in part.  A mention on this site will in no way indicate a complete agreement with every assertion made by another author.  The only author with whom I totally agree is God, and according to what He's already written, He won't be coming out with another book.

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