29 May 2011

Website of Interest--Church History

From time to time, I check out what is out there on the web in relation to church history.  One such site is located on the Christianity Today website.  Christianity Today is an evangelical magazine that includes many differing articles on topics that may be of concern to evangelical Christians living in today's society.  Many of the articles focus upon current events and movements in the world of Christianity.  There are also links to articles and blogs on topics such as politics and entertainment, written from a Christian viewpoint.  There is even a book review section, that discusses numerous recent books.  After a brief perusal of the "Books and Culture" page, one of the more influential Christian historian's name, Mark Noll, appeared with a review.  Readers can glean much information from these pages on the Christianity Today site.

All of these topics are worth investigating, and they provide useful information from an evangelical viewpoint.  However, the blogs mentioned were not the specific reason for this post.  Christianity Today's website includes a page devoted entirely to church history, which includes such topics as "Today in Christian History" and a quote for each week.  These particular links can provide readers with an opportunity to scratch the itch for some random facts on church history.  At times, these seemingly random facts can encourage readers to be faithful in their journey of following Christ.  The website is available at this link: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ch/.  I would point out that the information on this website includes information on a wide variety of Christian traditions and that not all of the subjects of discussion are evangelical in nature.  Finally, while the website is not by any means focused entirely upon American church history, there is much that will interest those with an interest in that specific sub-field of inquiry.

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