11 May 2011

Book Review from 2009

As an aspiring scholar who's just getting started, the list of my publications and scholarly presentations is quite small.  Most of my work previous to my studies at UND focused upon West Virginia working class/labor history.  One of my other areas of interest is Baptist history.  My current research focuses upon North Dakota Baptists in the Progressive/WWI era.  However, I have no current publications in this area.

My only publication in the field of Baptist history, or Church history in general, thus far, is a book review I did for the journal Baptist History & Heritage in 2009.  Here is the link: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0NXG/is_2_44/ai_n48711387/?tag=mantle_skin;content. The site does not mention me as the reviewer until the very bottom of the review, so don't be confused with the book review editor's name at the top of the website.

One of my goals with this site is to provide an avenue for comments and feedback on my work.  While I have nothing other than a couple of encyclopedia articles going at the moment, I hope to get back to my research on North Dakota Baptists at some point this summer.  If not, I will definitely be on it at some point during my program of study.  I will plan to post working papers on my findings from time to time.

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