27 February 2012

New Southern Baptist President?

Recently, I posted some questions about Southern Baptists and their considerations about changing the name of their convention.  There is concern that their racist origins still influence the opinion that people have of the SBC.  Recently, the convention has made strides in attempting to right their wrongs in relation to race.

Now, it appears that the Convention is about to elect its first African American president.   Rev. Fred Luter is a well-known pastor in New Orleans who pastors a church with about 5,000 members.  He is currently the First Vice President in the convention, and was involved on the committee that produced the 2000 revision of the Baptist Faith and Message, so it would appear he's no theological liberal.  It appears as though Luter will be unopposed in his run for the presidency, but regardless, there is little doubt that his election should be a positive step in race relations for the largest Protestant denomination in the United States.


  1. Amen. We look forward to electing this man to lead us. Another rising star in our convention is Dr. Ken Weathersby. He has preached at our church before and now only a great pulpiteer, but a great visionary for what the SBC could be.

  2. Thanks for the comment and checking out the site, Dr. Dorsett. I was unfamiliar with Luter before reading up on him yesterday, as I'm not a member of the SBC. From what I read he seems to be a solid leader. I do support the SBC in their work, however, and I count several of their members as personal friends. God bless, and again, thanks for stopping by.