04 December 2011

What Happened in the Church with Blatant Racists?

As I've mentioned before on my last post, racism in American churches is one of my big pet peeves.  The link I've given refers to the attempts of a Kentucky church to ban interracial couples from their membership for no other reason than their interracial makeup. 

This afternoon, a new article indicated that the church's pastor will throw out the ruling, in spite of its being voted on by the membership.  While I'm not sure how the original vote came about since churches from a Baptist background have different constitutions that rule such things, I have to at least applaud the minister's choice to do this after having consulted his association.  However, it does beg the question of where the minister's opinion against the vote was when it was actually taken.  Of course, this could've been a church in which a few laymen control everything that goes on.  It will be interesting to see how long said pastor remains in his current position.


  1. There really aren't racists in The Church. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for congregations. The Bible said we shall know believers by their fruit and especially by how they love people. The real concern is having lost people take part in church administration. How does that happen? It's easy to play church in America. It's much harder to play Jesus. -Robert

  2. Excellent points, Robert. Love is how people are supposed to know Jesus' disciples from the rest of humankind.