15 December 2011

Another Semester under My Belt

This evening, I sent the final revision of my final paper of the semester after finishing up revisions and proofing in a hotel room in Danville, Illinois.  I am basically 1/2 of the way done with my program.  This semester, I had a 12-hour schedule, which is quite hefty for grad school.  All told, those four classes had final projects that came to nearly 100 pages of double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman work that took up who knows how many hours.  It's a good thing I enjoy reading and writing. 

Now, it's time for a break between semesters, although I have a few projects I hope to complete in the interim (including writing the first several lectures for next semester's US to 1877 class).  Although I'm not sure of the actual grades that I'll be getting, it is always good to get done with so much.  Next semester involves comprehensive exams in 4 fields.  I won't lie and say I'm looking forward to them.  I also have two classes in the education department.  Those should be interesting, but they aren't history :(  Oh well...life goes on.  Until next time.

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