28 January 2012

Pictures of the Church I'm Writing My Book On

As I've mentioned briefly before, I'm in the process of writing a short book on a church that is about to be demolished as soon as spring comes to North Dakota.  This church has been abandoned for about 14 years, and the structure on the inside and outside show the wear.  The church, as you can hopefully see, blended into the city streetscape of the town.  The lack of a parking lot no doubt contributed to its decline, as it did several other small churches in town.  This is the last of the old-style wood-framed churches in town, and it is a link to the immigrant past of Grand Forks.  This is one of the important threads that I'm trying to bring out in the book, which should be out around the time of the demolition.

Note the proximity to the house, as well as the lean of the wall.  Now, the interior with a sagging ceiling and gutted fixtures:

Note the charred attic, left from a fire in 1944.  More to come about American church history at a later date--including information on how to get the book.

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