16 November 2011

Winding up a Semester

Well...it seems as though my third semester as a doctoral student just started.  When it did, there were leaves on the trees and the daytime high temp was around 90.  Yesterday, we got our first measurable snow and the high temp today was somewhere in the mid-20s.  Even though the snow was only around an inch, its still around.  Only 4 weeks left in this semester. 

From time to time I submit a post to the Christian Blog Carnival.  This week's host is Harry Neufeld at Jevlir Caravansary.  My recent post on Weber's thesis on the Protestant work ethic was included.  Included on this was a post that questioned if there was room for Christian business leaders in today's cut-throat climte.  I found the article interesting in light of all of the complaints about poor ethics in business today.

Another academic blog that I look at frequently is the Religion in American History blog.  This blog recently had a three-part series by an academic who worked at a Christian company for the summer that tied in some ways to the Weber thesis.  Another writer on this collaborative blog included a response to the initial series.  These have been some of the more interesting non-school related things that I've seen lately.  I'm still plodding away on a Puritan historiography, research for an upcoming public history publication on a historic North Dakota church building, and independent readings on general world history. 

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