06 October 2011

My Book Review Featured in Academic Journal

I'm finishing up a fairly busy week here in the Northern Plains.  The weather was great this week, but some cooler weather is on the way. 

Today, I got word that the latest edition of American Theological Inquiry has published.  This particular journal is readily available online, as well as in print.  As such, it is what scholars refer to as an open-access journal.  It is still peer-reviewed, however.  American Theological Inquiry includes articles and book reviews of a theological, cultural, and historical nature from Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christian traditions.  It does not publish material from those who fall outside the realm of general orthodoxy.

I have not gotten a chance to read the articles included in this edition of the journal, but it does include a book review that I submitted on Douglas Sweeney's Jonathan Edwards and the Ministry of the Word.  The link above should allow access to this site, which includes all of the articles and book reviews. 

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