20 June 2011

Cool Opportunity that I Will (Unfortunately) Most Definitely Miss

Have you ever seen an opportunity that you just know you will have to miss?  That is the quandry in which I find myself in regard to the upcoming conference on Baptists and War hosted by the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, in September.  You may wonder why this particular topic is of interest to me.  I recently posted some of my most current research that just happened to discuss the issue of North Dakota Baptists and World War I rhetoric.  This conference appears to deal with the gamut of how Baptists have dealt with the issue of war.  It appears that scheduled presentations relate to several important American, European, and World Wars, as well as the topic of peace.  In a way, because of my research interests, it pains me to think that I will miss this conference, although I may have to buy any edited publications related to the papers that should be published in the future.

Those of my friends with an interest in history who live within driving distance of Louisville may find the conference of interest.  Somewhat related to the conference is its host, the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies, which is directed by Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin of SBTS.  The homepage of this center also includes a blog on church/Baptist history by Haykin titled Historia ecclesiastica.  A quick perusal of the first page shows some pretty interesting posts that may be of interest.

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